Our Products & Services

Everest are experts in all things Energy!

Here’s just a FEW of the residential services and products we offer.

Battery Storage

Maximise use of solar power with storage. Enjoy uninterrupted power even after sunset, reducing your reliance on the grid.

See one of our recent battery storage projects here.

Solar system design & install

We specialise in designing and installing solar systems crafted for your specific needs. By tapping into sunlight, we help you generate clean, renewable energy effortlessly.

See one of our latest Solar projects here.

Off-grid projects

From eco-homes to remote containerised solutions, Everest has experience in delivering exceptional off-grid systems. Explore our latest off-grid project here.

Commercial Solar Installations

Design and installation of solar panel systems for commercial properties. Customised solutions based on energy needs and available space.

Battery Storage Integration

Incorporation of battery storage solutions to optimise energy usage and ensure a reliable power supply. Enabling businesses reliant on energy to become resilient in times of black-out or service interruptions.

Off-Grid Solutions

Development of off-grid systems for remote commercial locations or businesses wanting to become self-sufficent and avoid the risk of losing power during a blackout event.

Government initiative guidance

Assistance in navigating and maximising government incentives and rebates for commercial solar projects.

Homes are just the beginning. Everest are also geared for large commercial projects.

Are you thinking of introducing solar or storage to become more self-sufficient from the grid?

Everest Energy has installed large scale solar systems to cater for businesses of all sizes. 
Our team will take the time to understand your energy objectives, and evaluate your site by considering individual building layouts and site conditions.