Power Outage Hits Melbourne’s East Amid Stormy Weather

Melbourne Power Outage Today

In a not-so-welcome twist today, Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs experienced a sudden power outage, courtesy of a storm that swept through the area at approximately 2.15pm local time, bringing down a major power transmission line. After a 36 degree afternoon, this storm swung in with power, consequently knocking out power for hundreds of households leaving an estimated 400,000 without power.

The demand has left AusNet Outage tracker down, leaving the site unaccessible.

For those working from home, the sudden interruption has disrupted daily operations, affecting the operation of home offices and essential equipment. Small businesses, highly reliant on a steady power supply, find themselves at a halt.

The outage highlights the critical role that battery storage can play in these blackout situations. Homes and businesses equipped with solar panels and battery storage systems are seamlessly weathering the storm, maintaining power supply to essential devices. Battery storage emerges as a resilient solution, ensuring uninterrupted power during unexpected disruptions.

The storm has also caused energy prices to skyrocket to $18/KW. For homes equipped with excess battery storage – this means that energy trading could be an option – assisting the grid and putting valuable dollars into your pocket, essentially boosting ROI potential.

In these instances, battery storage not only proves its environmental benefits but also serves as a practical and reliable backup power source.

If you’re a home or business that needs power during these times, reach out and we’ll help you to devise a plan to avoid the next outage.

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