Solar Upgrade & Energy Storage – Glen Iris

Everest Energy Glen Iris Solar and Storage

Our client approached us with an existing 5kW solar array and a vision to boost capacity while reducing their reliance on mains power. We ended up delivering the specs below: 11kW solar array (up from existing 5kW) 10kW multi-mode inverter Full 3-phase UPS backup 16.6kWh of usable battery capacity Grid reliance on this property will […]

Solar Installation Project – Eildon

Eildon Solar Installation - Everest Energy

Solar installation in Eildon, Victoria – arguably one of our most picturesque projects to date! As the sun broke through the morning fog, we were surrounded by lush bushland and greeted by a court of kangaroos, making it a magical moment we couldn’t help but capture. Enjoy this serene footage of another sustainable solar solution. […]

Battery Storage & Solar Project – Eltham

Everest Energy Solar and Storage - Eltham

We had the pleasure of working on a stunning property nestled in the picturesque suburb of Eltham. Project Details: Battery-ready system, with provisions for 12 kW full home UPS backup. 18 kW solar system enhanced with Tigo panel optimisers. Entire home usage monitoring for efficient energy management. ROI within 6 years

Battery Storage & Solar Project – Croydon Hills

Battery and Solar Storage Project Croydon Hills

Neat little solar and storage project completed in Croydon Hills Project Specs: 10.5 KW solar installed on a 28-degree pitch and north-facing orientation Battery capacity: 2 x WECO 5.3 KWH batteries, totalling 10.6 KWH 8 kw hybrid inverter, running full home UPS backup. Reliance on grid power has dropped from 100% to just 6%. With […]

Remote Containerised Hybrid Solar & Storage Project – Homerton

Everest Energy Solar and Off-Grid Energy System

A proud first for us at Everest Energy, and a potential game-changer for remote properties in Australia!  We’re thrilled to share an exclusive preview of our innovative achievement! Developed in collaboration with the incredible team at RedEarth Energy Storage Ltd, this project is an absolute beast… to say the least!   Here’s a glimpse of […]

Multi-Project Solar System Summary – Mildura

Mildura Everest Energy Solar Jobs

We’re thrilled to have recently completed three solar installations up in Mildura. An ambitious undertaking that we turned around for our clients in two days… the weather was on our side! These installations are set to: Slash energy expenses Reduce grid reliance Support future battery storage opportunities Ready to explore solar and storage options as […]