Battery Storage & Solar Project – Croydon Hills

Battery and Solar Storage Project Croydon Hills

About this project

Neat little solar and storage project completed in Croydon Hills

Project Specs:

  • 10.5 KW solar installed on a 28-degree pitch and north-facing orientation
  • Battery capacity: 2 x WECO 5.3 KWH batteries, totalling 10.6 KWH
  • 8 kw hybrid inverter, running full home UPS backup.

Reliance on grid power has dropped from 100% to just 6%. With an ROI within 7 years and an operational expectancy of 20+ years. Ready to explore your solar and storage options? Reach out and let’s power up your home or business for a sustainable future.



Croydon Hills, Victoria

Solution Type

Solar and battery storage